Cobot coworking software reviews

So what were our takeaways? People from all over the world joined us at the Cobot -sponsored coworking pop-up at the venue. We were able to see the different ways people used the space and give them a place to get some work done.

The Best Coworking Space Management Software: Nexudus vs Cobot vs OfficeRnD

This also allowed to have some deeper conversations with friends and partners from the industry, the kind that you can really only have in person, which makes conference time so valuable to us. It was happy to chill at the booth and tag along with our CEO as they greeted conference guests.

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The opening session was dominated by a dizzying tide of data about how rapidly coworking is overtaking Poland, and specifically Warsaw. Carsten Foertsch from Deskmag shared the latest numbers from the global coworking survey.

Pop-ups, Programs, and Pierogi at Coworking Europe 2019

The team from CoWomen explored the dynamic of women-only vs. Another question focused on the gender pay gap, which is shrinking in the US but actually growing in Germany. They talked about two phenomena, one in which women in Germany take maternity leave but end up leaving their jobs, and about how the word feminism still has negative associations in Germany.

There was lots to unpack and it was a very interesting discussion, we highly recommend going to one of the CoWomen talks if you get the chance. As the makeup of rural communities changes, so too should the services that coworking spaces offer.

Services, facilities, and community functions are more essential than they are in larger cities and operators need to be in touch with the outside community more. There were four big reasons why rural coworking is not just a subcategory of coworking, but its own, important movement:. Do an honest assessment and define their demographics and wants.

In Free Tools for Coworking Spacesled by Matthias Zeitler, he explained a whole host of tools they use to keep their space Coworking Bansko operating using entirely free software. During the discussion, there was a good back and forth about when to use free tools and when to pay, and the advantages of both.

Much of their system is reliant on members helping create and manage the system for free, which is less reliable than paid services. Some of the major advantages of a paid system are that very reliability, the level of customer service, and regular updates that fix issues that arise from the complicated network of systems.

Climate change is the largest issue facing the planet, and we all have a responsibility to use our coworking spaces to reduce our carbon impact.

To make a green shift, you need commitment plus technological solutions. That may sound obvious, but it takes a lot of effort to make something both easier and socially preferable. We also sought to tackle this problem, you might have seen our article on ways to build sustainability into your coworking space.

Have you got any solutions that your space uses? We spend our evenings moving between dinners, parties, and hangouts. Our Polish colleague took us on a small tour of different food choices and while it was a lot of fun to try some off-the-beaten-path options, we still ended up eating our weight in pierogi.

Well, okay, it was all fun, but we also found time to attend the Coworking Researchers meetup, hosted by Johanna Voll of the Coworking Library. Their research database about coworking is unparalleled. As we usually find, some of the best parts of any conference are in the hallways. This year was no exception.Cobot software is a white-label coworking software that helps coworking spaces and office hubs run their daily tasks from a single intuitive interface. Its platform includes integrated administrative tools, such as number of coworking members, completed bookings and passes; financial solutions, such as acquired revenues and invoice creation, as well as customer support tools, such as help desk requests stats.

Cobot began as an in-house tool for running one coworking space co. Cobot automated the manual record keeping, and today it serves overcoworkers dispersed across 90 countries. It works as a web-based cloud solution and is optimized for mobiles. Office RD offers free training for its users for easier setup.

Nexudus has over integrations. Other integrations include:. Add-ons are not included in the basic subscription and can cost extra. Cobot also supports OpenID Connect for increased integration flexibility, and a dedicated Enterprise client solution. Subscription plans count only active members and come at the following prices in euro :.

Cobot offers one month of free membership. There is also an enterprise solution with customized features and additional priority support, custom hosting options, and an account manager. Free access to our best guides, industry insights and more. We use cookies to enhance your experience and measure audiences. Read more.

Introduction to OfficeRnD

Article Created:. June 15, What are its main features? Booking Calendar Check real-time availability Book resources conference rooms, lockers, etc Automatically calculate charges External Bookings Accept non-members for bookings Member View Profile updates Make bookings View and connect with others in the space.

Spaces Mapping Linking multiple locations.

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Business Analytics Understand user behavior and optimize your space. Get expert advice on setting up and scaling your space Free access to our best guides, industry insights and more.You seldom settle for the average in everyday life. Why should it be different when choosing your coworking space management software?

A great tool takes a lot of work off your hands and helps you focus on the important thing: your community. Choosing the right solution is essential for the success of your flexible workspace. For this reason, we took a closer look at the big players and put together this overview. We want to start with Cobota management software for coworking spaces and office hubs based in Berlin.

Key features: You can find all the relevant features in a simple and intuitive interface. It's an easy way to manage your coworking space, register new members, review member data, assign tariffs or automate your billing.

You can customise colors and design to give your members a consistent look and create a seamless brand experience.

Integration options: Cobot also allows you to extend your possibilities by connecting it with all the apps you already use, for example with payment tools, such as Stripe, Gocardless or Ayden. In addition, you can automate your access management with the add-on by Tapkey. Set up rules for your plans and define access areas and you're ready to go!

Cobot has been expanded by our access solution. Learn more. This management software is characterized by simplicity and meanwhile has users in more than 25 countries. For this reason, Habu may not be missing in our list. Key features : Create new plans and adjust old plans?

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No problem. The management platform clearly focuses on the three areas of member management, space management and invoice automation. Integration options: In order to optimize the payment process Habu offers an integration with Stripe and Adyen. But you can also integrate Xero, an accounting software in just a few minutes. With Nexudus you also get a complete space management system, which is already in use in over countries. Key features: Again, there are common features such as membership management, automated billing, and email monitoring.

But you can also easily book meeting rooms via the tool and keep track of everything. A cool additional feature: If you want to organise your own coworking events, you can manage the tickets directly.The strong impact was really felt in April. The markets are now reactivating, and we are looking forward to seeing the trend begin to change.

In April, despite the intention of many companies to sign agreements, the vast majority decided to postpone. I asked Luis if this was a good or bad thing to be predicting and if he really thought it would pick up so quickly. However, in the second half of and in I foresee a noticeable change, a positive change, and it will be using our lessons from this pandemic.

Companies who were afraid to offer remote work now perceive their needs differently. One of the hypotheses that has been in my head since the end of March is that I believe pandemic clauses will start to be requested by clients from now on. The current situation, far from being reminiscent of fiction, is all too real and companies will start looking for more security in their contracts.

Not long ago, in a conversation with a lawyer, I realized that the Force Majeure clause, common in real estate contracts, does not include pandemics.

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As to your prediction, I think that pandemic clauses will definitely start to be included and my recommendation is that operators should take this risk because it is worth it : If you are the only one that gives guarantees in your market, with significant rent reduction in those circumstances, you will take the contract. I do not know if we have learned enough or not to avoid something like this in the future, but I agree with Luis that the rules of the game have changed; we must all understand this new reality in which we live goes far beyond wearing a mask in public spaces.

Those organizations that adapt faster are more likely to survive and succeed. Will we go back to pre-confinement densities or will the low-density measures of today going to stay in place? This pandemic has affected our brains and we will feel that the physical distance will not be able to return to what it was before. I feel that this will be especially difficult for Latin countries, including Spain, where physical contact is part of their identity. And although we may want to do it again, the truth is that we are going to question ourselves.

A density of 5m2 that was normal in this industry is not going to happen again. Luis looks back and reminds us of the changes he has experienced in the last 4 years. Initially, clients, he tells us, asked him for a specific number of desks.

Now they ask for a specific amount of m2 and in those m2 they will indicate to the operator how many positions they want. I asked him: Do you think that some operators, in their race to reach unreasonable densities, have forced a certain type of client to change their language the industry was offering a product that did not respond to their needs?

These companies have already tried flex and have already seen that these densities are not suitable for themso if they ask for flex again, what they are going to be offered will not serve them.

Coworking: Lessons From a Pandemic

That is why they ask for 60m2 for six people. In the end, it is about what the client asks for, not what suits the operator. With the new reality, the human resources departments will have even more weight and the conditions to maintain employee well-being will be more important than ever.

I think it will affect the entire market: lower densities and greater cleaning imply higher costs. And that is for everyone. There may be some crazy person that wants to ignore the measures that must be taken, but I think it will be very difficult for any company to ignore these new minimums.Cobot is the leading management software for coworking spaces, office hubs, and flexible workspaces around the world.

Full access to features and integrations for 30 days.

cobot coworking software reviews

No commitment or credit card required. Cobot will save you from the chaos of endless spreadsheets so that you have time to focus on what really matters — time for your coworkers. Whether you just opened a small creative space or run a multi-location hub, Cobot is the best tool to help you run your space more efficiently. Use a single white-label platform to take care of all daily administrative tasks. Onboard new members, streamline your billing, manage bookings and more — all in one easy and intuitive interface.

cobot coworking software reviews

Cobot helps you spend less time on billing, sales, contracts, lease agreements, and space occupancy optimization. We support a variety of payment gateways and methods, including Stripe and Paypal. We also offer extensive guides full of tips and tricks about Cobot in addition to constantly updated documentation for our open API. We understand that your brand exists online as well as through your door. Cobot helps you to create a seamless brand experience for your members.

You can customize colors, control the voice behind your emails, design your signup page, and use your own domain.

Use the CRM, accounting software, communication tools, wifi and printer setup, access control and security systems of your choice — and integrate them easily with Cobot. With Zapier or our open API you can even build your own custom integrations. Do you have one member pay for others?

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What about groups that share day passes and bookings? Cobot removes the administrative hassle.

cobot coworking software reviews

Is your space expanding to another location? Our software allows you to manage multiple spaces and control member access and pricing across them.

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We are proud of the variety and diversity of the spaces we support, and we work hard to build the best possible experience for the humans and communities that they serve.

We are committed to creating a more inclusive coworking world, and our discount policy is one of the ways in which we work toward this goal. Say goodbye to your spreadsheets! Cobot will help you run your space more efficiently, saving you loads of time. See all Prices and Details. Cobot will only ever count your active members on a monthly plan towards your overall member number.

Made with love in Berlin. Features Integrations Pricing Support Need help? Log In Try Cobot. More Time For Your Coworkers Cobot is the leading management software for coworking spaces, office hubs, and flexible workspaces around the world. Over 10 years of experience helping spaces of all sizes grow their community.

Features All the tools you need to run a Coworking Space in just one place Cobot will save you from the chaos of endless spreadsheets so that you have time to focus on what really matters — time for your coworkers. Explore our Features and Integrations. Unlimited Free Support. Automated Payments. White-Label Customization. Open API. Multiple Locations Support.They do not have a free version. Cobot offers a free trial. See additional pricing details below.

What is Cobot? Space management software that helps managers with everyday tasks and empowers them to focus on coworkers. Best For Cobot is designed for coworking space operators who want to save time and money by seamlessly automating their operations.

Founded in Located in Germany. Starting Price. Cobot Features. Meeting Room Booking System. Facility Management. Space Management. Cobot Alternatives. Event Booking Engines. Robin Powered. OfficeSpace Software. Compare with Similar Products. Current Product Cobot. Add to Compare. SmartSpace Global. Desk booking, meeting room management, and usage analytics solution for workplaces, empowering resource booking via our mobile app Tripleseat is a Sales and Event Management web application that increases event sales and streamlines the planning process.

Real-time scheduling, status boards, and maps for the meeting rooms, desks, and people in your office. Use any device or calendar.Coworking is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. It offers all the social and productivity benefits of working from your own office, but without the stress, overheads and long contracts. Technology to support coworking spaces in their management and growth is going to become more important than ever.

Shabad from coworktech by techsapiens. Hector Kolonas the workspace technologist behind included. I spoke to:. But, the overall goal is to help you decide which software is best for you. And the answer to that, and the reasons for that, will be different for every single coworking space. Way back when, I used to run a coworking space and we had the exact same reservations. The last thing you need is for something else to be stealing your precious time away from your community and its members.

It is a good idea to understand what you want to get from your software before you start looking. This will allow you to do more of the things you actually enjoy, and that really matters when it comes to growing and strengthening your coworking community. It makes sense. But thanks to the experts, I got a little more insight into what you might need to think of before you go drilling into software features.

One of the emerging themes from all of our experts was that BEFORE you start to look at software you need to know what features you need, you need to have a really good understanding of how your business runs, and what criteria you have. If you go straight to the software you will get overwhelmed with all the options and get analysis paralysis. Start with what you need, then you can work out from there.

Hector suggest that you need to know these three things before you start looking for software:. You need to decide what is a must have and what is a nice to have. Fiona suggests that coworking spaces should be open and flexible to different software options if they are using someone to implement it.

She says:. Monika from Nexudus echoes this sentiment: she suggests that if you are established, you probably have a list of what you need, and if you are not then you should take advice from the experts and try to not over-complicate things. So, basically I guess what they are all saying is figure out what you NEED before you start looking for software. Brainstorm with all the relevant parties in your coworking team so you get a comprehensive view of what is necessary to make the space more seamless — you might not be the only one with insider knowledge and a couple of perspectives always helps.

OfficeRnD has also compiled this great resource to help you choose the best coworking software for your space, and takes you through everything you need to consider.

But they need to be properly integrated in order for them to work properly within the coworking ecosystem. Shabad says:. Not all integrations are created equal, and not all software will be able to accommodate the same integrations and this is something you might not figure out until later down the track on implementation. For example, with COVID, you might be looking to run more online community events — can the software integrate with zoom or a similar platform to allow you to run virtual events seamlessly?

Hector has created this amazing and interactive integrations map to help you understand how workspace software integrates with each other. But you first need to work out what you need, and what you can live without.